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Triplett 2413 Tube Tester. Overall appearance is very good. Hammertone brown metal case has some scratches & rust. Rivets broken on one ninge. Front panel excellent except for a little dirt. Panel markings excellent except for "V" on "Value".. Meter deflects full scale, no binding. Meter appearance is excellent except upper right corner has some chips. Handle is good. Original power cord is fair but should be replaced. Chassis clean but there is an apparent modification, a second transformer attached to a socket labeled "25Z6 only". Tested a known good 6L6 tube accurately but there might be something intermittent. While setting the Line Adjust the needle fell back to 0 a couple times then worked ok for the rest of the testing. Approximate size in inches 10W, 10D, 6.5H. Item #8613

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