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McIntosh MC240 Stereo Amplifier. Overall appearance is very good. All black is excellent except for a few small paint chips. Front panel some rust & light pitting. Top panel chrome very good but after you clean off the light dirt you can feel some slight pitting more than see it. Chrome edges slight pitting & rust. Light pitting & rust on back panel. Original power cord is good. Very clean under chassis, no rust. Slight hum with no input. With input, both channels low volume & some distortion. GE 6L6GC's all test over 160% of minimum "Good". GE 12AX7's all test at least 118% of minimum "Good". GE 12AU7's all test at least 157% of minimum "Good". GE 12BH7's all test at least 200% of minimum "Good". Approximate size in inches 10.5W, 15.5D, 8H. Amp ships double boxed. Item #8327

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