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Worldstar MC-5000A. Solid State multi-band portable. AC or battery. Hong Kong. Overall appearance is good. All the leather covered surfaces are excellent except for dirt & 1 small snag in back. Several small dings on metal ends. Plastic grille is excellent except for dirt. Handle is very good. Telescoping antenna is very good, extends fully. Brushed aluminum door is good, some dings & scratches. Inside door is excellent. Dial & all panel markings are excellent. Back is very good. Label on back is very good. Battery contact springs are very rusted but otherwise the compartment is clean. Easily tuned many AM & FM stations in a brief test, super volume. Also got reception on some of the other bands. Requires 6 "D" cells. AC cord is missing. Approximate size in inches 13W, 4.5D, 11H. Item #8035

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