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Hickok 546 Tube Tester. Has sockets for all the old 4 to 7 pin tubes as well as 7 & 9 pin miniature, etc. Overall appearance is fair to good. Painted metal case has much light rust, needs repaint. Case hardware is rusted. Handle is very good. Front panel is a little dirty but all panel markings are excellent. Meter is excellent, needle moves freely full scale with no binding. Roll chart moves easily until near the ends. Chart cover very slightly yellowed, quite usable. Original power cord is stiff. Chassis very clean. Tested a known good 6V6 accurately. Instructions included. This instrument doesn't look like it's had a hard life. The front panel & sockets show no signs of heavy use, even the area next to the thumbwheel shows very little wear. I think the worse abuse it suffered was when it was stored in a shed for many years. Approximate size in inches 17W, 11D, 7H. Item #8083

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