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Dynakit Mark III tube type mono power amplifier. Overall appearance is very good other thyan being very dirty. Perforated metal cage is very good, no significant chips, scratches, etc. Has a paper sticker on one side & needs good cleaning.Chrome chassis is filthy & has rust spots under the dirt. One side of chassis has an oval of what appears to be glue residue. Original power cord is dirty & very slightly stiff but otherwise very good. Chrome base plate is very good, has a few rust spots needs cleaning. Under the chassis is very good, no rust & no indication the bad filter cap damaged the transformer. Filter cap heats up after 10 minutes of testing. Genalex KT88's test at 71 & 73, 44 is the minimum good value. The Dynaco/Mullard GZ34/5AR4, Great Britain, tests at 68 & 70, 40 is the minimum good value. Approximate size in inches 9W, 9D, 7H. Amp ships double boxed. Item #8132

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