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Sherwood S-5000 Tube Stereo Amplifier. Overall appearance is very good to excellent. Front panel, markings & gold trim are excellent. Original power cord is very good. Specks of rust on chassis. Tested the FM MX input for several hours over 4 days, worked well with almost no hum. Presence pushbutton does not latch sometimes. Loudness switch dirty. All other controls seem to function properly but should be cleaned anyhow. All lights work. Amperex GZ34 tests at 61/65, minimum good is 40. Mullard 7189's test 60, 72 & 56 & NEC 7189 tests at 70, minimum good is 46. 5 misc brands 12AX7's test at 66/68, 47/44, 62/52, 63/56 & 64/66 minimum good is 32. Manual included. Approximate size in inches 14.5W, 15D, 5H. Amp Item #8431

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