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Atari CX2600 Video Computer System. Overall appearance is very good. The only cosmetic flaw I see is the right rear corner of dust cover is cracked with a little piece missing. This was a functioning system back in the early 80's but got put away & has been untested since. Includes everything needed except for the TV. Includes the following cartridges: Breakout, Human Cannonball, Ms. Pac-Man, Raiders of the lost ark & Circus Atari. Also includes a special cartridge that accepts included PROMS for the following games: Megamania, Killer tomatoes, Fantastic voyage, Bachelor, Yars revenge, Haunted house, Megaforce, Demons to diamonds, Demon attack, Pacman, Donkey kong, Pitfall, Worm wars, Nexar, Carnival, Defender, Space invaders, Subs, Venture, Atlantis, Spider fighter, Star Wars, Frogger, Pacman clone, Fishing derby, Video pinball, Custers revenge, Grand prix & Dragster. Sold as-is. Approximate size in inches 18W, 14D,6.5 H. Item #8066 PRICE REDUCED

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