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Finch Telecommunications Inc F113C tube type Line Amplifier s/n 7036. Overall appearance is very good. Gray wrinkle finish cover has some paint chips, no rust. Chrome on accent strip & handles is good but does have some pitting. Black wrinkle finish chassis is very good. Power cord is good. Top of chassis heavy dust, under chassis very clean. I got a signal through it in a brief test, has a little hum. Contains the following KenyonTransformers- T105 Class A Output P-P 2A5, 6F6, 89, 47 to 500-200 or 15,8,4, T2 Multiple line to 1 grid input 500-333-250-200-125-50 ohms Hum bucking type, T517 Swinging reactor, T153 Filter reactor, T205 Power 350-0-350 & 1 (Input?) transformer that the number is hidden. Approximate size in inches 16W, 6D, 9.5H. Amp Item #8722

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