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Eico 667 Dynamic Conductance Tube & Transistor Tester. Overall appearance is very good. This is a rugged instrument made for taking a beating in the field. Gray wrinkle painted metal cabinet is very good, shows moderate use. There is some duct tape residue on the front. I don't understand why, the case latch works well. Some rust on case hardware. Handle is very good. Front panel very good, panel markings are all excellent. Two socket savers installed, other sockets look OK. Meter is excellent. Needle moves freely full scale, no binding. All controls work. Center row of buttons bind slightly when resetting. Roll chart moves easily but doesn't make it to either end, will need a little attention. Roll chart windows yellowed. Original power cord is very good. No indication of any rust. Tested a known good 7591A accurately. Tube setting book (few pages loose) & operating instructions included. Much info available free at Approx size in inches 15W, 12D, 6H. Item #8080

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