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Weston model 45 DC Ammeter. Stated accuracy is 1/2 of 1%. Overall appearance is good. Wood cabinet is solid with original finish. It could be just cleaned & polished but it would be really beautiful if you refinished it completely. Paper sticker residue on left side. The only veneer chips are 2-3 small ones on the back. Nickle plated hardware should clean uo nicely. Some screw heads are rusted. Handle shows wear but is useable. Just to be safe I'm not going to lift it by the handle. Mirrored dial scale is excellent. The 50mv meter operates accurately, needle moves freely full scale. Didn't open it up but I expect it's pretty clean inside. Requires a external Weston shunt to use as as an ammeter. Approximate size in inches 8W, 5D, 9H. Item #8106 PRICE REDUCED

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