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Hammarlund HQ 140X General Coverage Receiver. 6 bands: .54-1.32, 1.32-3.2, 3.2-5.7, 5.7-10, 10-18 and 18-31 MHz Overall appearance is very good. No significant flaws in the case, some tape residue, a few small paint chips, etc. Front panel needs a little cleaning but panel markings are excellent. S meter works well, no binding of needle. Dials & glasses very good. Handles very good. Power cord is very good. Chassis has light dirt & a few small rust spots. During a 45 minute test nothing got overly warm. Tuned a few stations on the lowest band using only a wire in the ceiling for an antenna. Controls will need cleaning. Approximate size in inches 20W, 13D, 11H. Amateur HAM Item #8650 PRICE REDUCED

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