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Saba Freiburg 3D-S Automatic. Motorized tuning. This is a massive, awsome table top radio. Overall appearance is very good. Wood cabinet is solid with original finish. No significant flaws. Grille cloth is excellent other than darkened area in front of each speaker. Dial is excellent except for some dirt. Tuning eye is weak. Some pushbuttons sticking, 1 has tape residue on it. Trim under the dial & around pushbuttons looks poor but I think part of it that it was a clear coat that has dried & is flaking Back is very good. Power cord is very good. Chassis is clean, no rust. Easily tuned many stations in the K band (FM), sounds great, volume is unbeleivable. Unable to tune anything on the other 3 bands.The automatic tuning is trying to turn, I can see & feel it trying as I manually turn the knob but can't quite do it.. Approximate size in inches 27W, 12.5D, 18.5H. Item #8590 If you can PICK IT UP you'll save the shipping cost & I'll knock $70.00 off the price.

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