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Ampex Micro 34 AM/FM/Cassette Portable. Japan. AC/Battery. Includes mic & earphone still in original packaging. Overall appearance is very good to excellent. It looks brand new except for a little dirt on front panel & marks on the back that looks like something hot was sitting on it that left melt marks. Telescoping antenna extends fully with no binding. Handle is very good. Front panel excellent other than little dirt, markings excellent. Missing 1 small silver disk on tone knob. Dial & dial cover are excellent. Original power cord is very good. Battery compartment looks like it never had a battery in it. Once I got it to turn I easily tuned many stations on AM & FM, cassette works properly also. Super volume, exceptional sound. The only problem I observed is that the on/of switch is obviously dirty, I had to play with it each time I tried turn it on. Requires 4 "C" cells. Measures 12"W, 3"D, 7"H. Item #9311

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