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Hickok 752 Tube Tester. Overall appearance is very good. Covered wood cabinet is solid except for the back side. It was apparently stored sitting upright on a damp floor, the covering is completely gone & the wood is separating. Case hardware all has at least some rust. Handle is very good. Meter appearance is excellent. Front panel excellent, markings excellent. Original power cord is very good. Chassis is clean, no rust. Roll chart turns very freely most of the way. Meter needle moves freely full scale. In a brief test tester lights up, line adjust works but no needle deflection on GM test of a 6V6 or a 7A5. Did get slight deflection on leakage test of 7A5. Includes manual, CRT test adapter with instructions, 1050-107 adapter for 832 & 829B tubes & 1050-109 adapter. Measures 18"W, 17"D, 8"H. Item #9364

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