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Fada 1000 "Bullet" tube type AM radio. Overall appearance is very good. No cracks, chips or significant scratches (other than an "X" scratched lightly into the bottom) on the yellow catain case but it needs a good cleaning & polish. There were spots that looked like something dripped on the case & hardened but they cleaned off with polishing compound so you'll notice some lighter yellow spots. Grille cloth is excellent. Dial & dial cover are very good. Back is very good. Original power cord is good. Little or no visible chassis rust. Easily tuned several stations in a brief test, great volume but sounds tinny, little or no hum. I bought this from the original owner who got a summer job caddying as a boy to buy his first radio. He said he couldn't remember scratching the X in the bottom. Approximate size in inches 10W, 5.5D, 6H. Item #6989

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