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Coke Machine 8 transistor AM radio. Nippon Japan. Jack Russell Co. Inc. "That Refreshing New Feeling". Overall appearance is very good to excellent. I see no cracks or chips on the red & white plastic front, needs only light cleaning. Dial and dial cover are excellent. Speaker grille is excellent. The red back is excellent until it is inspected closely. At least one of the top corners was broken & repaired at some time but it is impossible to see from the outside because of the white plastic trim pieces that are attached. Also there is some slight bubbling on the left side that really looks like it was always there. It is only obvious from certain angles. I couldn't get it to show up well in any of the pix. Chassis is very clean but there is some corrosion on the battery terminals. Easily tuned many stations in a brief test after fiddling with the earphone jack, great volume. Novelty. Requires 4 "AA" cells. Approximate size in inches 3.43W, 1.795D, 8H. Item #3057

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