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Fisher 800B tube type Stereo AM/FM Receiver. Rarer than the 500 which is basically the same except the 800 has AM as well as FM.. Overall appearance is good to very good. Front panel is dirty but all markings are excellent except the volume control which show wear. Both dials are excellent. Power cord is very good. Chassis has some rust spots & some other spots that aren't rust but don't clean off with a damp cloth. Chassis markings are excelent. FM & FM MPX working well, sounds great. No undue heating of transformers or capacitors in 2 hr test. AM not working at all. Both tuning knobs not original, balance control bad (turns freely, no operation), Mono/Stereo & Loudness Control switches broken & internal antenna is missing. Tuning eye tubes are low brightness but usable No feet. Approximate size in inches 17.5W, 15D, 6H. Item #8975

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