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Hallicrafters TW1000A "World Wide" Multi-Band, Portable Radio. Covering .55 to 18.2mc in 7 bands. Hallicrafters answer to the Zenith TransOceanic. Overall appearance is fair to good. Covered wood case is solid but covering is dirty overall, loose in spots & some missing on one end at the bottom. Handle is excellent. Telescoping antenna extends fully. chrome on front door handle is pitted. World map inside is excellent. Grille, knobs & switches very good. Dial & dial cover are excellent. Rear door is very good but dirty inside. Label inside back door is good. Power cord is good. Chassis is a little dirty, little rust. Easily tuned stations on 3 bands in a brief test, very little hum. Requires one battery for portable operation. Missing 1 foot. Approximate size in inches 18W, 8.5D, 11.5H. Item #9080

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