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Blaupunkt Derby 660. This is probably best suited as a parts set. It was made to be a "under the dash" radio for Volkswagens that could be easily removed to be used as a portable. Unfortunately, the battery compartment was probably irreversably damaged at one time & has been redsigned to utilize an AC power supply, It has a super sound but with a little hum from the AC supply. The front section of the case has been modified, the chrome strip on right side is engraved, the rubber face of the handle is engraved & all metal parts from the battery compartment are gone. The telescoping antenna extends fully with no binds, it isn't shiny but may polish up. Everything else should be excellent for parts. Easily tuned many AM & FM stations in a brief test & 3 SW stations, sounds great. . Approximate size in inches 11W, 3D, 8H. Item #9115

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