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Hallicrafters HP-1 Low Voltage Power Supply .Filtered output up to 5A with 0.3% ripple. Unfiltered up to 10A continous, 20A intermittent. Overall appearance is very good to excellent. Painted metal case would be excelent except for drops of white paint & something dark. Handle is very good. Front panel excellent except for a little wear behind fuse socket, markings are excellent. Both meters excellent appearance, needles move freely full scale. Original power cord is very good. Tested filtered output at 13V 5A, meters off a little but that's not unusual for this type of meter. I don't have a load resistor large enough to test the unfiltered at 20A max. This is a heavy, well built supply. Approximate size in inches 12W, 6D, 10H. Item #9092

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