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GE P2900A "World Monitor" Multi-band AM/FM Transistor Radio. AC or battery. Overall appearance is very good. Leather covered case is excellent, just needs a little cleaning. Very sturdy handle, what looks like 2 cracks is really just wrinkles in the leather. The fixed antenna opens fully with no binding, the swiveling antenna is broken off. Removable front doors are very good, no significant blemishes, inside doors excellent. All switches & controls function properly. Grille is excellent. Dial is excellent. There is some pitting of chrome trim on top edge. Original power cord is a little stiff but quite usable. Battery compartment is very clean. Easily tuned many stations on AM & FM & a few on SW bands. Requires 6 "D" cells. Approximate size in inches 14W, 6D, 10H. Item #8996

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