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I buy estates containing vintage radios, audio, stereo, HAM and other electronic items

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All restorable Radio, Audio, TV,  Communications Equipment, Test Equipment & Other items for sale are pictured below and on following pages. Please feel free to just browse through all the photos clicking on anything of interest to view the description. The most recently added items are pictured first. Or, click one of the categories for a specialized, searchable listing.
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Tube type Portables, Tabletops, Floor Models, with Wood, Cloth, Plastic, Bakelite, Catalin cases. Any tube Radio from the 1920's to the 1960's and even beyond may be found here.
Tube type and solid state Amps, Preamps, Tuners, Receivers, Turntables, Speakers.
Transistor Radio
Transistor Portables, Novelties, Tabletops and even the occasional Boombox may be found here.
Test Equipment
Tube Testers, VOM's, Signal Generators, Signal Tracers and other test equipment may be found here.
Communications and Related Items
Ham gear, CB, Marine, etc. Anything from Boat Anchors to vintage Transistorized equipment.
If it has a TV screen in it or is related to TV you'll find it listed here.
Lots, Tube Caddies, Signs, Odds and Ends and Miscellaneous.
From 00A's on up to 1970's and 1980's tubes. All New Old Stock, no recently manufactured tubes sold.
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99% of the items sold on this site are decades old and are sold with the expectation that the purchaser understands they will need some level of repair. For safety reasons, before the purchaser applies power to the device it should be examined by a certified electronics technician.
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 I buy vintage/antique: Radios, Tubes, Audio, Amplifiers, Amps, Stereos, Transmitters, Receivers

Estates, Collections or Single Pieces

Did your Dad pass away and leave a radio collection or a cellar/basement (or attic or garage or ham shack or storage locker) full of electronics that you need to find a home for? If you have an estate to settle that contains a quantity of electronic items of any kind please contact me. Some of it may look like junk to you but it had value to him and also does to me.

Was your Dad an electrical engineer who brought his work home with him or a radio collector or a scientist that experimented with electronics at home or an amateur radio operator or an audiophile that liked to build/collect stereo amplifiers or a radio/TV/ audio technician or just a guy that liked to tinker/experiment with electronics? Then I would like to buy everything electronic that you have - radios, transmitters, receivers, amplifiers, test equipment, tubes, tools.

Please click here to email with information. Please let me know what city it's located in when you contact me.