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Winduk Vortex© Adapter


The Winduk Vortex© Adapter places your Winduks on Cabela's Vortex©!! Easy to install. Using Winduks with Vortex© cuts down on batteries and wiring. Each set contains adapters for two Winduks. (Mixing Winduks with other decoys on the Vortex© is not recommended.)

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Wing Pins

$3.45 per 6-pack

Lose your wing pins? Stock up on a 6-pack!
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Wing Replacements

$18.00 per set (pin included)




NEW... CorrosionX FOR GUNS is now available in a 4 oz. (113.4g) plastic bottle, with an applicator tip that's ideal for Winduk bearings. It's easier than ever to apply the product, and get maximum protection and performance.

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Wing Bearing Replacements $9.99/pair


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