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London Taxi Parts - FX3, FX4, and Beardmore

Beardmore London Taxi fully restored

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Enter the part number (if you know it) or a brief description with the car make. For example: FX3 Steering Wheel or Beardmore steering wheel.

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Special Notes:
The parts available in this shopping cart apply specifically to the following RIGHT HAND DRIVE (RHD) vehicles:
FX3 - Petrol engined taxi with manual gearbox
FX3D - Diesel engined 2.2 litre taxi with manual gearbox
FX4 - Petrol engined taxi with manual gearbox
FX4D - Diesel engined 2.2 litre taxi with manual gearbox
Beardmore - Ford EOTA, 204E or 211E petrol engined taxi

Please enter into COMMENTS during the check-out process any of the following vehicles since parts may be available but NOT INTERCHANGEABLE:
FL1 or FL1D - Petrol or diesel engined hire car
FL2 or FL2D - Petrol or diesel engined hire car
Winchester - Petrol engined taxi
Any vehicle fitted with automatic gearbox (transmission)
Any vehicle fitted with 2.5 litre BMC, Rover or Nissan engine

Vehicle Information: It is very helpful that you state as much information about your taxi including the car chassis number and engine serial number during the check out process. This helps us to identify your taxi ensuring we send you the correct part. If you are not sure where to find this information, please call us at (888) 243-0440.

Please Note: Due to the nature of their original service and comparatively high mileage in commercial use, most surviving taxis are actually a conglomeration of components from many different vehicles. Although we will make great efforts to provide the proper part for your vehicle, don't despair if the one you receive doesn't look anything like the part found on your vehicle. Such is the lot of the taxi owner. At times, great patience may be required.

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Our mission is to ensure that yesterday's antique or collector vehicle can be restored, maintained and preserved for current and future generations.

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