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Artist:  Hydra
Title:  Hydra - Self-Titled 1st Album - Cassette Tape
Record Label and Catalog Number:  Capricorn Records, Warner Bros. : WB M5 0130
Comments, Format, and Condition:  1974. No bar code. USA. Super-Ultra-Mega-Mega-Rare to put it mildly. Media Format: Cassette, Album, Pocket Slipbox with Exterior Artwork. The exterior artwork shows moderate wear, the front is actually the best part with only minor wear along the edges. Condition: Tape is Excellent (EX), Cartridge is Very Good+ (VG+), Artwork is Very Good+ (VG+). Highly recommended is to grab while it is available, as none other has ever surfaced anywhere, and it is both sincerely and highly questioned whether it will ever show up again.
Price:  $87.35

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