3 Throwing Knife Holder (IF-101512)

This Throwing Knife Holder is made out of a heavy duty, back-sueded leather 1/8th" thick, and is designed specifically to hold three of the the Iron Fortress Throwing Daggers.

Say no more to daggers that rattle around loosely! And never tuck your Throwing Knives into your belt - that causes accelerated wear and tear to your weapon.


-size: 11" wide on top, 9' wide on the bottom, 5" tall
-size: worn on a belt, design to either lie flat or to curve around the waist
-blade space: 2" x 1.5 oval"
-material: durable leather, with suede slots for the Throwing Knifes
-sturdy brass-riveted construction
-gracefully shaped lines and finished edges
-specially designed for Iron Fortress latex throwing daggers
-will accommodate belts of up to 1.75" in width
-Designed for both left and right handed use
-blade hang is 90 degrees, straight down

Note that this Throwing Knife Holder does NOT include any Throwing Knives. If you wish to order one or more Throwing Knives from the "Throwing Knives To Include" dropdown below, you will receive a discount on their price!

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Temporarily out of stock.

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