Banded Steel Staff (IF-402291)

Banded Steel Staff (IF-402291)

Simple and elegant, this staff serves as the primary weapon for most of the renowned mystics in existence. Primary for defensive use, with the proper skill it becomes a devastating weapon of great offensive capability. With its extended reach the wielder becomes an extremely dangerous foe and an adversary worthy of great respect.

Please note that these are hand made items, and the specified length of this staff may vary slightly. In addition, the color of the steel shaft may also vary dlightly.

Here are a couple more pictures of this wonderful staff:
End of staff Center


-length: 75" or 190 cm
-shaft diameter: circular, 1 5/8" or 3.8 cm
-weight: 1.4 lbs or 635 grams
-whip: one handed: moderate, 2-handed: mild
-shaft grip density: medium
-composition: Iron Fortress foam
-foam weight: Iron Fortress proprietary composition, lightweight, sturdy, distributes force
-foam thickness depth to core on striking surface: +3/4"
-foam thickness depth to core on all non-striking surfaces: +3/4"
-foam thickness from core to end/tip: +1 "
-hybrid core composition: fiberglass rod reinforced with carbon fiber layer
-weapon tips: fully rounded
-striking surface: fully rounded
-core capped with a fiber matrix to prevent tearing or splitting of the foam

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