Battleworn Ranger Longsword (MCI-3667)

Battleworn Ranger Longsword (MCI-3582)

First of all: this sword is no novice. Designed to appear as though it has seen countless battles, Epic Armoury’s Battleworn Ranger Sword comes with a non-pristine look like rusty spots and nicks and scratches. It looks grimed, aged and not at all well-cared for. Secondly, it has character; it could very likely be the trusty blade of a heroic outlaw or an unscrupulous assassin. Maybe it got picked up by a scavenging orc as stolen goods after a battle, or maybe it belongs to a daughter of a nomadic warrior clan. The possibilities for using it when crafting LARP characters seems almost inexhaustible.

Make no mistake though; The Battleworn Ranger Sword is as dependable as any clean blade in our broad range of products and you can feel absolutely sure that this hybrid model sword will give you confidence in the safety and appeal of your weapon on the battlefield. This 105 cm short latex-hybrid sword is impressively durable and is inspired by medieval weapons and fantasy lore alike. The crossguard features an intricate curved design that protects a leather-like grip. This grip, wide by the crossguard and narrow toward the golden “scent stopper” pommel, is ergonomic in your hand. The blade is made from closed cell foam around a fiberglass core and finished with a strong latex coating, while the handle is a polyurethane foam cast that allows for greater detail and no maintenance.

  • Commonly referred to as a “broadsword,” which is actually a historically incorrect term
  • Inspired by the two-handed longsword of the late medieval and Renaissance era, but with a slightly shorter blade
  • The pommel design is called a “scent stopper” design, popular in the 16th century. In shape it resembles the top on old crystal perfume bottles
  • Blade has a strong latex coating with a round fibreglass core
  • Strong Kevlar core tip protection
  • Blade is made from durable closed cell foam that does not shred
  • Handle is a polyurethane foam cast, giving it more detail with no maintenance!
  • Handle is very durable, will last longer than a latex version, and is less slippery than a silicone treated alternative
  • Handle is wrapped in leather for comfort, requiring some maintenance
  • High safety, approved by the top organizations
  • This hybrid weapon’s polyurethane handle does not require any special maintenance. The leather wrapped around the grip does require leather care.

    Leather Grip Care
    Natural leather products are very durable, but require regular maintenance with leather care products to stay flexible and to increase life-time. Make sure your leather products are kept dry when stored. Let wet leather dry naturally before treating. If frequently wet and dry, increase frequency of maintenance.

    Clean by removing dirt with a hard brush, then gently rub on leather soap with a clean, damp cloth until the leather appears clean. Remove soap with a separate damp cloth to wipe away any soap residue and then use a dry cloth to wipe away any remaining water from the leather.

    You should always condition leather after cleaning, since the soap will have removed some of its natural oils. Treat the leather with mink oil, olive oil, or beeswax polish with a clean cloth, gently rubbing a small amount of oil or polish in circles into the leather. Allow the leather to soak in the oil before wiping the leather with a final clean cloth to remove any excess residue.

    Full Handle Handle 2
    Angle Leaning

    Key Features
  • This Stronghold Weapon is constructed for LARP combat
  • Epic Foam blades are lightweight and stab-proof
  • Handle is a polyurethane foam cast, giving it more realistic texture and details
  • Handle is very durable, will last longer than a normal latex equivelant
  • Made with a focus on safety in terms of blade hardness, which hits like a latex weapon due to the foam density and core shape.

  • Specifications
  • Made with proprietary foam
  • Overall Length: 45 inches or 115 cm

  • Measurements
  • Overall Length: 37.8 inches or 96 cm
  • Grip Length: 3.9 inches or 10 cm
  • Blade Length: 26.4 inches or 67 cm
  • Blade Width: 2.4 inches or 6 cm
  • Crossguard Width: 8.3 inches or 21 cm
  • Handle Circumference: 4.3 inches or 11 cm
  • Weight: 18 Ounces or 510 grams

  • Quantity currently in stock: 1

    For all orders, but ESPECIALLY for shipments outside the US, please check the size limits page of the USPS website to see if they will be able to accept your order. If this item does not fit within the size restrictions for your country, a shipping service other than the USPS will be required: USPS Size Limits


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