Cast Iron Frying Pan (SPURFP001)

Cast Iron Frying Pan (SPURFP001)

This is your classic cast iron frying pan, as seen across the world for thousands of years. The frying pan is a great prop that has long and deep roots in physical comedy sketches. This frying pan looks new cast, and with its simple design, it can be used for just about any character or theme.

Our custom molds are created from an actual traditional cast iron skillet and the prop is poured in a flexible dense rubber urethane rubber. These props are carefully cast and artfully finished to resemble a new cast-iron skillet. There is a metal armature wire inside the handle and rim of the prop so that you can hold the frying pan from the handle and the flexible rubber will not "droop" unrealistically. This is a well engineered stunt prop. Safe to use for action scenes in direct contact with actors!

Please note that this is a 10" frying pan, not a large one. That makes it easy to carry, easy to wield, and easy to use for the ladies.

IMPORTANT: This is a PROP; it is not designed as a LARP weapon. It is suitable for cosplay, theater, video, and just having fun.

Please note that NewRuleFX products are not associated with Lucasfilm LTD, Disney, or any LFL ltd. film or franchise.

Full Length Reverse Top Side Bottom


-max length: 15" or 38 cm
-top diameter: 10" or 25.4 cm
-bottom diameter: 8" or 20.3 cm
-depth: 2" or 1.6 cm
-thickness: .25" or 0.6 cm
-weight: 8 oz or 227 grams
-handle: 4" or 10.2 cm
-structure: embedded wire frame

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