Castagir Horn Frog - Small (MY101118-Blk-S)

Castagir Horn Frog - Small (MY101118-Blk-S)

The Castagir Horn Frog is crafted from 7-8 oz leather and is beautifully detailed. Because it ties in the front, it is expandable and can be adjusted to fit your particular horn. This horn frog also has a belt loop for ease of carry. Always have your drinking or message horm with you for use when needed!

This is the Small version of the Horn frog.

Key Features:
  • A helpful and handy accessory
  • Also a very cool accent to hang on your belt
  • Will carry a variety of horns
  • Adjustable ties for a variety of horn sizes
  • Easy to carry, thanks to the belt loop
  • Great for LARPs and for cosplay

Here are some more pictures of this fabulous Horn Fog:
Black Brown Green Red Red Back Red Front


-height: 2" or 5 cm
-top diameter: 2.4" or 6.2 cm
-bottom diameter: 2" or 5 cm
-belt loop width: 2" or 5 cm
-strap: 3.5" long x .75" wide x 1/16th" thick
-clasp: brass, spring loaded, .5" inner diameter
-cork: 1" tall x 7/8" top diamter & 3/4" bottom diameter
-weight: 0.4 lbs or 181 grams
-bottle: thick, heavy glass

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