Doran Back Harness (MY101294)

Doran Back Harness (MY100727-Blk)

This marvelous back scabbard allows you carry two swords on your back! This allows both for those who fight with the Florentine style (dual swords) and for those who fight with a single sword. You fight with a single sword? Did your partner drop their sword in the fight and needs a replacement? Need a handy and easy to carry spare? Are you carrying the Weapon Of The Blessed, ready to be used against the Evil Undead? With this harness, you've got those options covered!

The Doran Back Harness is made from an excellent leather. The center chest ring holds the four straps that connect to the support plate worn on the back. The support plate can accommodate one or two sword sheaths, or up to two quivers for arrows. The support plate has an adjustable strap at the bottom to contain the sword sheaths and/or quivers. That, along with the roll buckles on the straps allow for some flexibility in the fit, and allow you to get in and out of the harness on your own. Finally, there are loops on the shoulder straps that can accommodate pauldroons. These loops are what attach the sword sheaths to the Harness straps.

Note 1: A 6'2" male with a 48" chest is about as large as this Harness will fit.
Note 2: The sword sheaths for this Harness are available for an additional fee of $17 each.
Note 3: The harness and sword sheath color choices, as well as the sword sheath choices can be made using the dropdowns at the bottom of the page.

Key Features:
  • A helpful and handy accessory
  • Roll buckles allow for adjustable fit
  • Can hold up to two sheaths and/or quivers
  • Three-point suspension system safely secures items
  • Shoulder loops support the wearing of pauldrons
  • Perfect for carrying weapons or tactical equipment
  • Great for LARPs and for cosplay

Here are some more pictures of this wonderful Back Harness:
Front, black Back, black Front, brown Back, brown Worn, brown


-plate height: 8" or 20 cm
-plate top width: 7" or 17.8 cm
-plate bottom width: 4" or 10 cm
-belt loop width: 2" or 5 cm
-strap: 3.5" long x .75" wide x 1/16th" thick
-clasp: brass, spring loaded, .5" inner diameter
-cork: 1" tall x 7/8" top diamter & 3/4" bottom diameter
-weight: 0.4 lbs or 181 grams
-bottle: thick, heavy glass

Harnesses Currently In Stock
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Sheaths Currently In Stock
Black Brown
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Temporarily out of stock.

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