Double Sword Back Mount Set (LP8435)

Double Sword Back Mount Set (LP8435)

An excellent accessory for the warrior who wants to deal twice the damage and to do so in style, this Dual Sword Back Harness is a back mounted sword holder which allows for you to have quick access to two weapons. Two sword tubes are included with the harness, both of which are highly adjustable in order to allow you to use a variety of swords. The sword tubes attach to the back plate with lace through the grommets on the plate. Both the top and bottom of the back plate are replete with grommets to allow for customizing the angles which the tubes are attached. In other words, you can create the perfect setup for YOUR needs. The tubes can be setup as shown with swords crossed or with both parallel blades, depending on the look you want.

This back mounted sword holder is crafted from high quality leather and is secured to your body through two adjustable shoulder straps. It is a wonderful accessory which is perfect for dual wielding warriors or for those adventurers who carry a backup weapon.

The back mount's shoulder straps are highly adjustable fitting the slightest to the largest frames easily. Once adjusted extra leather can be easily trimmed to provide a secure fit.

Longer swords may be difficult to extract, depending on your arm length. For a quick-release solution to carry those longswords see our Back Mount Quick Release Set!

This Set Contains:

  • One Double Sword Back Mount
  • Two sword tubes

  • Key Features:
  • Able to accommodate most LARP swords
  • Durable Split Leather Construction
  • Multiple Carry Options
  • Back Harness highly adjustable
  • Multiple position options

  • Specifications
  • Back Plate Width: 13" top, 10.25 bottom
  • Back Plate Height: 10"
  • Weight: 1.1 lbs
  • Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.

  • Click on the assembly instructions to learn how to assemble the Double Sword Back Mount set.

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