Friar Tuck's Bottle (BI30XX)

Friar Tuck's Bottle (BI30XX)

Friar Tuck is a particular monk. His motivation to embrace the cassock were, letís say, unorthodox. He did not really care about prayer or religion. What he truly cared about was beer. Yes, Tuck has an indulgence for this beverage. It is well known, monasteries have been extraodinary brewers for decades. Thus Tuck became part of Fountains Abbey and learned to brew great beer. A few years later, he was kicked out of the abbey when they found out his real motivation. Friar Tuck wandered for a while and then encountered an outlaw band who made him famous!

This is the first foam bottle made by Calimacil. It's totally filled with foam, therefore can't contain any liquid. It canít be opened nor does its cork can be taken off. There is no core inside which means that it can be thrown safely. This brown bottle doesnít have a label, itís up to you to create whatís in it.

Innkeeper, hereís another bottle to add to your collection. Mercenary and outlaws, hereís your new favorite thing in the world (after your sword). There is nothing better than a good bottle of unknown beverage to keep you up while standing watch.

Here are more close ups of this delightful bottle:
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-overall length: 11.8" or 30 cm
-weight: 0.4 lb or 175 gr
-material feel: medium
-foam type: Calimacil proprietary composition, lightweight, sturdy, distributes force
-core composition: None
-weapon tips: None
-striking surface: rounded edges

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