High Paladin Shield v2 (M2125P04DS)

High Paladin Shield, 2nd Edition (Shown with black plate)

These items come with the background plate in four colors: Black, Blue, Green, and Red. Please be sure to specify your color choices below.

Important: Back-ordered items can take anywhere from 30-50 days to arrive from the factory.

Here are the pictures of this magnificent shields with all of the plate colors:
Black Plate Blue Plate Green Plate Red Plate
Black Blue Green Red


-size: 47 tall x 20 wide inches or 119.4 x 50.8 cm
-max curve depth: 5.5 inches or 14 cm
-grip type: VERTICAL arm straps to a grip bar
-weight: 2.95 lbs or 1338.1 grams
-foam thickness: 1.25" or 3.1 cm
-foam weight: cross-linked polyethelyne, similar to Trocellen (tm)
-bar grip core composition: fiberglass

Quantity currently in stock: 1

Shipping charges apply to this item!
Plate Colors In Stock
Black Blue Green Red
0 0 1 0


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