Legend Longsword Scabbard (LP0421)

Legend Longsword Scabbard Set (LP0421)

Scabbards are a great way to carry your LARP sword around with you and also protects the blade section from getting damaged. Our LARP scabbards are made from durable vegetable tanned leather and the inside throat of the scabbard is lined with thick faux fur to protect the coating on your LARP sword when you slide it in and out of the scabbard. These are sharp looking scabbards. With adjustable mounting straps you can control the angle at which your sword hangs. Available for left or right handed draws.

Designed to fit any of the Palnatoke line of LARP Longswords these durable leather scabbards will fit a wide range of other foam/latex swords as well. This item includes the Palnatoke Scabbard Mounting straps that are normally sold separately.

The standard color of the leather scabbard is a matte black body with brown accents, with black mounting straps.

Here is another picture of this sleek and elegant scabbard:
Key Features:
  • Stylishly holds and protects your LARP sword
  • Crafted from top quality leather
  • Scabbard throat lined in faux fur
  • Adjustable belt/mounting straps
  • Durable Split Leather Construction
  • Fits most Foam / Latex LARP swords

  • Measurements:
  • Overall length: 33inches
  • Shape: tapered with a pointed end
  • Inner Depth: 31 Inches
  • Blade Opening: 2.25 width x 1.25 depth Inches

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