Medieval (ED42FF)

Medieval, v3

The new version of the popular Medieval LARP sword still has all of the features that made the older model so successful: safe Calimacil foam, realistic design, and ease of use. However, lots of improved features have been implemented with this new version: the new double fueller II blade is steel-coloured for more realism, and the handle is brown and gold. This new version is also a lot less expensive even though it has been improved, so everybody wins!

The Edgar III sword is perfect for any human character: its simplicity and efficiency will be loved by a large variety of characters. Mercenaries, noblemen and barbarians alike will be able to wield it for the best results. Beware, however, as the Orcs will also like its razor-sharp edge, and Dwarves will love its simple design.

Here is a close-up of the incredible detail of this gorgeous sword:
Full Length Hilt At Angle


-length: 42" or 105 cm
-blade: 32 long x [2.5,2] wide x .75 thich inches or 82 x [6.4, 5.1] x 1.9 cm
-weight: 1.05 lbs oz or 476 g
-handle style: firm
-handle size: 7 long x 1.5 wide x 1.25 thick inches or 17.8 x 3.6 x 3.2 cm
-handle composition: Calimacil foam covered in flexible plastic for strength
-hilt size: 10.25 long x [1,.25] wide x [1.5,.5] thick inches or 26 x [2.5, .6] x [3.6,1.3] cm
-hilt composition: Calimacil foam covered in flexible plastic for strength
-pommel: 2.5 long x [2,1.5] wide x 1.5 thick inches or 6.4 x [5.1, 3.6] x 3.6 cm
-foam weight: Calimacil proprietary composition, lightweight, sturdy, distributes force
-foam thickness depth to core on striking surface: +5/8"
-foam thickness depth to core on all non-striking surfaces: +3/8"
-foam thickness from core to end/tip: +1 "
-standard core composition: fiberglass rod
-core composition: fiberglass rod
-weapon tips: semi-beveled
-striking surface: semi beveled
-core capped with a fiber matrix to prevent tearing or splitting of the foam

The one we currently have in stock has a steel hilt and pommel, not bronze as in the picture.

Quantity currently in stock: 1


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