Mini Crossbow Bolt (IDV-02012)

Crossbow Gun-Mini

A small, handy weapon for those who like to clean up problems off the cuff. It shoots shortened bolts (10" or 25 cm shaft length). Perfect for short distances up to 30 feet; perfect for indoor use - for example in dungeons, taverns...... or hot tubs.

Product Description

The Facts:
  • shaft made of sturdy beechwood
  • Durable fiberglass bow
  • string made of sturdy steel wire
  • effective & safer trigger mechanism function
  • Practical safety pin
  • Massive metal parts
  • 3 years garantuee with proper use and care
  • Made in Germany
  • Measurement wooden stock: 15" or 38 cm
  • Measurement bow: 17 inches or 44 cm
  • Bow strength: 25 lbs at a 28" string

The hold-down
and the pin guide is designed for the IDV-security-bolds and your own LARP storage. They keep the bolts on the string and allow a precise targeting.
The bow string
is made of stainless steel wire (V2A). This makes them completely weather resistant and tear resistant.
The shaft
is made of sturdy beechwood. The high-quality glaze emphasizes not only the natural grain, but also makes the wood resistant to weather and rain repellent.
The arc
of black fiberglass is particularly flexible, yet still robust. By a screw clamp it can easily be detached from the attachment so that the crossbow can be disassembled if necessary. The bow has a traction of 28 lbs.
The lock mechanism
and its launching mechanism were designed based on historical models. We've optimized it for modern use and reliable operation. The handling is very easy, because the mechanism can lock the nut.

All crossbows are sold only with proof of age (minimum age 18 years); this means sufficient signed photocopies of your identity card, passport, birth certificate, or driver's license. You will need to send us a copy of the signed document via post, e-mail, or fax together with your order. The order will shipped only after your age has been verified.

Note: This item is not eligible for free shipping.

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IDV Operating Instructions for Crossbows (English) 709 KB Download IDV - Operating instructions for Crossbows (English).pdf
IDV Operating Instructions for Crossbows (International) 2.4 MB Download IDV - Operating instructions for Crossbows (International).pdf

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader
Get Adobe Acrobat Reader

For shipments outside the USA using the USPS, please check the rules of your country to see if a LARP crossbow is allowed.
USPS Laws on Crossbows

We wish to emphasize that YOU are responsible for knowing and following the laws of your own country and state.
Please do not order this item if it is not allowed where you live.

Temporarily out of stock.

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