Round Head Arrow (Red) (IDV-01001)

Round Head LARP Arrow

These padded arrows are designed by IDV Engineering to be used safely in LARP combat using a bow with a maximum draw of 30 lbs. (Note: IDV is a German company and most of their website is in German.) Note that many LARPs only allow a bow with a maximum draw of 25 lbs, and these arrows will work brilliantly with that strength bow. These arrows have been extensively tested and are the standard against which all other LARP arrows are measured.

Be sure to download and read the User Manual before using these arrows in your event. There's also an IDV flyer that's fun to look at.

Here is a cutaway view of the arrow head.

Please note that back-orders are not allowed because getting stock can be uncertain.


-length: 33" or 82 cm including the nock
-weight: 2.8 oz or 80 g
-flex: minimal
-head: fully rounded, 2.75" long x 2" diameter or 7 x 5 cm
-head: soft rubber tip, medium-hard center ring and backing
-weight: 2.25 oz or 68 g
-fletching size: 4.5" long x 1 1/8 overall width"
-fletching color: red
-fletching material: polymer composite
-composition: IDV proprietary foam
-foam weight: IDV proprietary composition, lightweight, sturdy, distributes force
-shaft composition: fiberglass
-striking surface: fully rounded outer edge, flat surface

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