Shahin Kris Dagger (M064CB)

Shahin Kris Dagger (M064CB)

This dagger introduces a new variation of the Shahin Dagger: the Kris Dagger. Made with a gunmetal blue handle and the wavy form of the blade, this is truly a new dagger in the Calimacil lineup. You will enjoy striking fear into your enemies in comabt or when performing those special rituals! Due to our unique Calimacil foam, all these battles and rituals will be safe, as the safety and durability of our LARP swords and daggers in unmatched.

Created for middle-eastern characters in mind, this dagger is perfect for any agile or quick character. Its wavy blade makes it perfect for pirates, sailors, and Hindu Royalty who get too close for pistols or rapiers. Due to its small size, street thugs and thieves also appreciate this dagger because they can hide it easily.

Here are some additional pictures of this fabulous Kris:
Angle Edge Held

Key Features:
  • High safety, approved by all top organizations
  • Stunning realism
  • Durable Calimacil foam
  • Great costume piece
  • Superb LARP weapon
  • Extremely safe
  • Weather resistant
  • Latex-free
  • Maitnenance free

  • Statistics

    -length: 17.3" or 44 cm
    -blade: 11.4" or 29 cm long
    -handle: 5.9" or 15 cm
    -max width of blade near tip: 2" or 5 cm
    -foam thickness depth to core on striking surface: +5/8"
    -foam thickness depth to core on all non-striking surfaces: +3/8"
    -foam thickness from core to end/tip: +1.5"
    -foam weight: cross-linked polyethelyne, similar to Trocellen (tm)
    -firmness: firm
    -core composition: fiberglass
    -weapon tip pointed
    -striking surface beveled
    -weight: 0.26 lbs or 115 gr

    Quantity currently in stock: 3


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