Shoulder Armour with Neck Guard (MCI-2740)

Shoulder Armour with Neck Guard (MCI-2740)

This is a gorgeous one-piece set of pauldrons and gorget (shoulder and neck guards)! This unit is perfect for those who just don't want to wear a breastplaste of any kind, even a cuirass. It slips on easily and is comfortable to wear because the weight is balanced and thus distributed evenly. The straps keep the armor secure.

The set includes the leather gorget (neck guard) and the attached pauldrons (should guards). Crafted from 8-9 oz leather, it comes in black or brown. You can wear this as a stand-alone set of armor, or you can pair it with bracers or greaves, pair it with a short hood (pictured below), or you can just go nuts with full body armour!

Please note that neither the high-necked doublet nor the short hood shown worn under the armour in the images are included.

This is a beautiful and effective piece of LARP armour that is perfect for LARPing, costumes, cosplay, videos, theater, and onstage fighting!

Here are some additional pictures of the beautiful Shoulder Armour with Neck Guard :
Angle, Black Front, Black Front 2, Black Side, Black Worn, Black
Front, Brown Front 2, Brown Worn, Brown Worn 2, Brown
FYI: The hood, tunic, belt, and bracers are not included.

Key Features:
  • A great affordable price
  • High safety, approved by all top organizations
  • Beautiful, practical, realistic design
  • Made of 8-9 oz. vegetable-tanned full-grain leather
  • Rivets and buckles are iron
  • Durable, simple design reinforced with stitching
  • Attached straps provide for a secure attachment
  • Great for LARP, Theater, cosplay, and SCA

  • Specifications
  • Medium: Neck Diameter 7.5 Inches, Shoulder to Shoulder Width 16 Inches, Front Armour Length 11 Inches
  • Large: Neck Diameter 8 Inches, Shoulder to Shoulder Width 17 Inches, Front Armour Length 12 Inches
  • Handmade, the actual measurements may vary slightly

  • In Stock
    Colors: Black Brown
    Medium: 2 0
    Large: 2 2

    Quantity currently in stock: 6


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