Vibro Axe (IF-403524)

Vibro Axe (IF-403524)

The large battle Axe is perhaps the most visually impressive and intimidating weapon on the battlefield. This has been truesince time immemorial, and it will be true in the future. Behold the Iron Fortress Vibro Axe from the Dark Moon collection, a futuristic rendering of the large battle axe done in the Steampunk or techno style! This thing is massive, impressive, and absolutely agressive and still absolutley safe for use in all LARP combat.

As with most of the Iron Fortress LARP weapons, this Vibro Axe has a fiberglass core capped with Kevlar, is formed from a good dense, durable foam, covered in lated, painted, then sealed with a water-based sealant.

This LARP Vibro Axe - Dark Moon Collection is a hand-made LARP weapon so its measurements can vary slightly from what is shown below.

Here are some additional pictures of this astounding axe:
Axe Head Top of Shaft End of Shaft and Pommel

Key Features:

  • A high quality LARP weapon for a great price
  • Approved by most LARPs
  • Latex surfaces are sealed with a water-based sealant
  • Kevlar wrap provides for a safe and durable core tip
  • Made with a durable close celled foam that does not shred

  • Measurements:
  • Overall Length: 60 inches
  • Axe Head Width: 16 inches
  • Blade Length: 12 inches

  • Quantity currently in stock: 0

    For shipments outside the US, please check the USPS website to see if they will be able to ship your order. If this item does not fit within the size restrictions for your country, a shipping service other than the USPS will be required: USPS Size Limits

    Temporarily out of stock.

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