Vordr's Hammer (VDR35FNOSX)

Vordr's Hammer (VDR35FNOSX)

This hammer is a smaller version of Lonnar's Hammer, with minor differences in the detail. THe Lonnar Hammer was born from the imagination of Martial Grisť when he created the Seyrawyn universe, and raised by the master craftmen at Calimacil. Such a complex and intricate piece is a first for us with un-sword-like pieces, but as you can see, the result is stunning! Soft enough for hard-hitting but as durable as our classic weapons, this hammerís two ram heads give an amazing profile to the engraved middle piece. Moreover, this royal hammer has the perfect length to give you a head-start with any combat situation... Complete with a suede leather covering on the handle, an emerald-type foam gem on top and runes on each side of the ring around the grip, Lonnarís hammer is truly a grand novelty in Calimacilís forge

Richly adorned yet heavily brutal, this marvelous combination suits a great variety of characters, whether itís a high priest fighting for his God, a dwarf-king bringing his kin deeper in the mountains, or the leader of a barbarian horde starving to put this hammer through the heads of a few usurping lords.

The standard color is as shown.

Here are some additional pictures of the incredible Lonnar's Hammer:
Side view Complete view


-length: 29" or 73 cm
-shaft: 25" or 63 cm
-handle style: medium-firm
-handle size: 5" or 13 cm
-head width: 7" or 17 cm
-handle composition: Calimacil foam
-hammer head: 12 x 6 x 6 inches or 30.5 x 154.2 x 14 cm
-pommel length: 3 x 2 x 1.75 inches, or 7.6 x 6.4 x 4.5 cm
-weight: 1.65 oz or 748 g
-foam weight: Calimacil proprietary foam, lightweight, sturdy, distributes force
-foam thickness depth to core on striking surface: +5/8"
-foam thickness depth to core on all non-striking surfaces: +3/8"
-foam thickness from core to end/tip: +1 Ĺ"
-core composition: None
-core capped with a fiber matrix to prevent tearing or splitting of the foam

Temporarily out of stock.

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