Wooden Longbow (HU703406)

Wooden Longbow

Archery has long been THE means by which a fighting person could extend their reach. Longbow practive was at one time required for all English farmers and peasants. Henry V used the longbow to devastating effect at the Battle of Agincourt in 1415, decisively winning the day against a vastly superior force, and creating one of the greatest English victories in the Hundred Years' War.

And it all starts with the longbow. Out Wooden Longbow is a curved bow, made to look like the longbows of the Middle Ages, and it meets or exceeds all LARP safety standards for archery. It has a draw weight of 24-26 lbs at a 28 inch string length.

The Wooden Longbow measures 66 inches tall and is ambidexterous. The string is made from Dacron B50, a synthetic material that provides a great measure of reliability and safety when it comes to firing your bow. This bow can fire a variety of arrows, ranging from real arrows on a controlled course to the traditional LARP arrowsmade by IDV.

One string and a bow bag are included with the Wooden Longbow. It's LARP-specified low draw weight of 25 lbs also makes this bow an excellent choice for beginners and younger archers.

Key Features:
Made of fiberglass - very durable
Wood grain finish
Includes a string and a bow sock
Very easy to string, does not require a bow-stringer
Good for left or right handed user
Handle is wrapped in Suede
24-26 lb draw weight @ 28 Inches or 10886 - 11793 grams @ 71 cm

Unstrung: 63 Inches or 160 cm Long
Weight: 1.25 lbs.

Quantity currently in stock: 1


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