Wyvern (NWSG37F3BB)


The collaboration between Calimacil and the Atelier Fantastic Arts continues to deliver design masterpieces with the delivery of another elven-inspired sword. Flirting with the darker sides of Heroic Fantasy, this sword possesses organic forms and a curved blade that hints of both malice and grace. With its deep grey color from hilt to blade, this weapon seems to have been forged from a single piece. Like all weapons created through our exclusive partnership, the sinister appearance of this magnificent sword is matched by its balance and a level of safety that is now part of Calimacil’s legend.

Here are some additional pictures of this wonderful blade:
handle Pommel, Forte Pommel, Reversed Pommel, Top View


-length: 34 inches or 86.5 cm
-blade: 29" long x [3.125, 2]" tall x 0.75" thick or 73.7 x [7.9, 5.1] x 1.9 cm
-handle: 9 overall" or 22.9 cm
-grip: 4" or 10.2 cm
-grip firmness: firm
-pommel: 2.5" long x 2" x 3" or 6.4 x 5.1 x 5.1 cm
-weight: 0.8 lbs or 362.9 grams
-foam thickness depth to core on striking surface: +5/8"
-foam thickness depth to core on all non-striking surfaces: 5/16"
-foam thickness from core to end/tip: +1 ½"
-foam weight: proprietary cross-linked polyethelyne
-core composition: fiberglass rod
-weapon tips: beveled, tips comes to a point
-striking surface: beveled
-core capped to prevent tearing /splitting of the foam

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