Yngvar (BA153FH-BG)

Yngvar (BA153FH-BG)

This new Long Axe uses, as a handle, the popular wooden staff, while the steel-colored head displays a golden cross. The weapon, created in collaboration with Les Armuriers d'Atlantide, is extremely realistic, and with the help of Calimacil foam, it is safe and durable. It will provide years of joy and epic battles without any damage or injury.

Whether or not the front row is for you, you can still behead a few enemies! Heroic front-liners will intimidate and wreak havoc on their enemies. Rank-and-file warriors, organized groups and poorly-defended foot soldiers will appreciate the reach of this weapon that grants great defense while still being able to cut a man down. Armies should always have at least a company of axemen because, behind a shield wall, they will win wars.

Here are some additional pictures of this fabulous axe:
Full length Head 2 Head 3 Head 3


-length: 57" or 145 cm
-handle: 49" x [1.5, 1] oval
-iron shank: 9" long
-axe blade:
- max distance from shaft: 8.5"
- max height: 9" tall
- edge length: 13"
-pommel: None
-weight: 2.1 lbs or 835 grams
-handle firmness: medium firm
-whip minimal
-foam thickness depth to core on striking surface: +5/8"
-foam thickness depth to core on all non-striking surfaces: 3/8"
-foam thickness from core to end/tip: +1 "
-foam weight: cross-linked polyethelyne, similar to Trocellen (tm)
-core composition: fiberglass
-weapon tips: beveled and pointed
-striking surface: beveled
-core capped to prevent tearing /splitting of the foam

Quantity currently in stock: 1

For shipments outside the US, please check the USPS website to see if they will be able to ship your order. If this item does not fit within the size restrictions for your country, a shipping service other than the USPS will be required: USPS Size Limits


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