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Shrink DIP Sockets
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Stamped Dual Wipe
.07" (1.778mm) Pin Spacing
Low Profile Open Frame

16 pin D=.300" Row Spacing
20 pin D=.300" Row Spacing
22 pin D=.300" Row Spacing
24 pin D=.400" Row Spacing
28 pin D=.400" Row Spacing
30 pin D=.400" Row Spacing
32 pin D=.400" Row Spacing
40 pin D=.600" Row Spacing
42 pin D=.600" Row Spacing
48 pin D=.600" Row Spacing
52 pin D=.600" Row Spacing
54 pin D=.600" Row Spacing
56 pin D=.600" Row Spacing
64 pin D=.750" order HWS5233


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Headers Breakaway .1" sp Special Heights - Long & Short
Headers Breakaway .079" 2.0mm spacing Straight & R/A
Headers Shrouded Box .1" 2.54mm spacing Straight & R/A
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Receptacles-Sockets PCB Mount .1" 2.54mm Pitch Single Row
Receptacles-Sockets PCB Mount Machined .1" spacing
Receptacles-Sockets PCB Mount .079" 2.0mm spacing
Shunts-Jumpers for Headers .1" 2.54mm & .079" 2mm pitch
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