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Product ID#: 13203
  • King is 1-ft. Tall
  • Set Includes Chess Board!

Giant Lawn Chess Set

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Available Options + Details: Giant Lawn Chess Set - displayed on lawn
description & information:
Set has 1-ft Tall King and Includes Chess Board!
Great Chess Set for Recess at School!
This Giant Lawn Chess Set will provide hours of fun for kids while their "thinking caps" are utilized in playing an actual game of chess! All pieces are made of durable plastic which is extremely sturdy and can withstand just about anything a young chess player could subject them to . . . well, maybe not "everything" they could subject them to . . . but for the most part these pieces will serve for many, many fun games of outdoor or indoor chess for years to come!

Chess Board is made of plastic interlocking grid squares and measures 4-ft x 4-ft when fully assembled. Entire set (board and pieces) ship in one box and can be stored in the same box when not in use.

This giant chess set would make a wonderful gift for your child's school chess club, or for your own child in your own backyard.