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Starter Club Chess Set Combo: Board, Basic Pieces and Piece Bag included

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Great for schools, chess clubs and beginning players
This basic combo set is ideal for schools, chess clubs and tournament play. The 20" x 20" board has 2-1/4" individual squares and is made of quality vinyl with algebraic notation on all four sides. The Staunton-designed chess set is single-weighted, made of premium quality plastic, features a 3-3/4" King with a 1-7/8" felted base. The 8.5" x 6.5" vinyl piece bag has an easy-to-open/close zippered pouch which is large enough to perfectly hold a regulation size chess set with extra queens! This combo set exceeds all tournament requirements, and best of all you have a choice of colors for the board and the bag -- forest green, burgundy, blue or black.
  • 20" x 20" vinyl board with 2-1/4" squares
  • Algebraic notation on all sides
  • Durable plastic Staunton-designed set
  • 3-3/4" king with 1-7/8" felted base
  • Single weighted
  • Vinyl Zippered Piece Bag included to store set
  • Choice of colors for board and bag
  • Exceeds all tournament requirements