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AlkalOH is a skin gel designed to heal skin rashes and abnormal skin growths, reduce inflammation, and improve the overall appearance of skin. Its unique formula neutralizes acid-loving bacteria and fungal infections. AlkalOH is an OH water gel.This means that the water used in AlkalOH has had one hydrogen atom removed from each molecule, transforming H20 into OH.

When this OH gel is applied to problematic skin areas, it actively binds with acids and toxins and safely carries them out of the body. This action increases oxygenation, improves pH and promotes rapid, deep healing.

When the body experiences disease, the cells involved will almost certainly be toxic and thus acidic in pH. Too much acidity reduces oxygen and results in undesirable skin conditions and rashes. When AlkalOH gel is rubbed onto the skin, it creates a highly alkaline environment where bacteria and fungus cannot thrive or multiply. This potent gel promotes fast healing by removing excess acidity, increasing oxygenation and optimizing immune function.

The ingredients in AlkalOH have been carefully selected to improve the efficiency of this process. In addition to OH water, there is a potent blend of essential oils and DMSO. DMSO is a tree-derived compound that helps AlkalOH penetrate the skin and work on the toxicity and acidity within a couple of inches of the skinŐs surface.

AlkalOH does a remarkable job of refreshing and regenerating the skin and removing and eliminating skin rashes and other blemishes. It is an excellent moisturizer and safe for everyday use.

AlkalOH has a powerful anti-inflammatory action. If the liver is inflamed, or a muscle or joint within a couple of inches of the surface of the skin is sore, apply AlkalOH gel up to 6 times a day. AlkalOH reduces inflammation by removing acids and increasing oxygenation.

Rub AlkalOH into the skin and wait about 30 minutes before applying any other lotions. For best results, wash before reapplying AlkalOH.

Use topically several times per day (If using for improving eyesight, apply to outer eyelid 6 times a day). Re: AlkalOH for dry eyes. I used it for some days with full relief. Went to see my ophthalmologist yesterday and while waiting under the bright lights, I saw the wrinkles around my eyes were much gone !! M.S.

One satisfied customer offered the following testimonial regarding AlkalOH: "I also apply the AlkalOH to the bunion on my left foot. It is a small one, but it is sometimes painful. After applying the gel for a few weeks now, the pain has practically disappeared. I even can wear shoes with heels! Also, the bone of my middle finger on my left hand is bigger than the rest, and seems a tiny bit inflamed. AlkalOH also helps with the stiffness. It's a really great product." Cynthia R.

4 ounce bottle. Ingredients: OH Water, DMSO, Xanthan Gum, Essential Oils of Angelica Root, Cedar Wood, Fir Needle, Frankincense, Pine Needle, Spruce, and Lemon. For External Use Only

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