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Tyovu Elixir provides frequencies to optimize thyroid and adrenal gland function. The thyroid gland controls metabolism (how quickly the body uses energy), makes proteins, and controls how the body responds to other hormones. Adrenal glands affect thyroid function and help respond to stress. In addition, they are responsible for turning on production of blood glucose when levels get too low in the blood.

Low blood glucose levels happen at night when there is significant candida overgrowth as the candida consume blood sugar. As a consequence, adrenals must always be activated at night to keep enough glucose in the blood to feed the brain. Eventually this wears them out, resulting in adrenal fatigue. Because of the adrenal gland's connection to thyroid functioning, the thyroid also starts to underperform. Tyovu optimizes the functioning of both the thyroid and adrenal glands simultaneously.

“When I started the Tyovu in March and took my thyroid test in June to have my TSH drop from almost 11 to 0.60, my doctor never saw a number drop that fast in so short a time; he was speechless. He never in the four years of my taking thyroid tests, saw all my numbers in the normal range as that day of thyroid testing. Just thought you should know; and I thank you for your time in helping patients make their lives healthier.” Linda F.

Tyovu now contains additional energies that stimulate the increase of thyroid hormone levels in areas of scar tissue and fibrosis, and also the bones if they need regeneration and repair. The increased levels of thyroid hormones in these areas stimulates cellular energy and may result in a healing of the fibrosis or a faster increase in bone density.

What brings about dramatic healing from the above-mentioned energy frequencies is the transfer of subtle energy to the cells guided by vibration. The importance of vibration cannot be overstated in terms of how subtle energy communicates with our cells, changing their structure and function. Vibration encodes how the energies are used by the cells.

Ingredients: Structured artesian water, organic orange and rosemary essential oils.
The oils help the vibrational frequencies encoded in the water work more effectively. The proprietary technology used to create the elixirs provides a stable, concentrated energy that transfers instructions directly into the body at the cellular level.

2 ounce dropper bottle. Use 1 to 6 bottles per month.

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